• Beth Henderson

Why independence matters when it comes to beer

Independent beer - it's our raison d'être at Indie Beer Hub. We will only ever list beers from independently owned breweries. No faux. Ever.


Because independent brewers don't have the same economies of scale that multi-national owned brands do and can't easily compete on price. Instead, independent brewers seek to compete on quality and craftsmanship, which is highly aligned with the values of the IBH founders and why we see it as important for them to have their own dedicated sales channel.

More importantly, when beer is purchased from independent breweries, the dollars go straight back into the local community - creating more jobs and supporting Australian businesses that keep profits on-shore. Who wouldn’t support that?

By building and supporting IBH, we hope to inspire Australian and global independent beer purchasing that is transparent, efficient and profitable.

Visit indiebeerhub.com to get started buying or selling independent beer.


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